Danger (About This Blog)

Dies ist der weblog der Beat Company der darauf abzielt, zu verunsichern, zu bereichern, zu informieren und zu manipulieren. Die Company versucht auf diesem Wege, andere durch gelegentlich auch kryptische Aktivitäten mit Werten und Querdenkertum zu impfen, sowie gegenseitiges... Read More →


Between Revolution and the «Symphonie Of Triumph: A New Life» lies «Closing Time», an era of unknown length. Here... Read More →

We —

can’t quit … Matt Dillon as Henry Chinaski in «Factotum» (2005). … and most of us need the eggs:... Read More →

Great Again

Inspired by my typo this morning — I realised, that since the inauguration of that blackshirt — apart from... Read More →

VW (Prices To Pay)

TALKING ABOUT $$$$$$. (On rewatching «Born Into This» — a Bukowski documentary by Barbet Schroeder / 2003): «His Women... Read More →

In The Back Room

— POETRY & MUSIC FOR THE WEEKEND — Cover–music and featured picture by Ted Giffin: «Back Where I Belong»... Read More →

Do It

FOR ANNA, TED, TERENCE, RAN AND ALL THE OTHERS YOUNG AT HEART. your life is your life don’t let... Read More →

Final Score (1)

Daniel Kahn: «The Ruins Of Görlitzer Park» Not just around Berlin–Kreuzberg’s popular «Görlitzer Park» — eponymous with Daniel Kahn’s... Read More →


As always: Take your time to follow my associations. They never are open to scrutiny at all. I hope... Read More →

Seize The Day

— JUST ANOTHER LAWNMOWER STORY — Here cometh the final scene from: «The Boat That Rocked» — a 2009... Read More →

Molecule Feelings

Noch einmal zur Erinnerung für die deutschsprachigen / germanophonen Leser: Dieser weblog wird seit der Wiedereröffnung am 28.02.2017 nur... Read More →


Streetsign, Boston (picture by kind permission of © Marcy Erb) Originally published on June 17th 2015 as the first... Read More →

Muir Woods

Thanks / and dedicated to Marcy Erb Just received this postcard / photo from Marcy — taken in the... Read More →

Light Light Light

«Ephemeral Rays» (Originally installed at Chatham Historic Dockyard) is the title of this light–woven installation by Charlotte Smith. And... Read More →


Beat Of The Day (Just Another Four Letter Word): Dust In The Wind: Asche zu Asche, Staub zu Staub.... Read More →

Opening (Relaunch)

This is the relaunch of the former «Beat Company». After consultations with my long– term following friends on both... Read More →