All You Need Is Doors, Books And A Kiss (Windows 3)

Door by © Manja Maksimovič (September 2017)

As I am preparing for a trip to fiercely contested Catalonia — I will take a short break and hopefully return safely. In these days «independence» from what we fought for as being nowadays called «Europe» is quite a challege — and surely I will report about the «whatevers» … stay tuned in the meanwhile and don’t forget: In the end of the day it’s all about doors, books and a kiss. And here you get the three of them.

From: «Hell Is A Closed Door» by Charles Bukowski
First appeared in «Back to the Machinegun» / Manuscripts Volume 3 (1978–1980 in 2014)
(Written on March 29th 1978 — Published in: «The Last Night of the Earth Poems» – 1992)

« (…) hell is a closed door
when you’re starving for your god –
damned art
but sometimes you feel at least like having a
peek through the
young or old, good or bad,
I don’t think anything dies as slow and
as hard as a

… and a kiss: courtesy of ☆Euphoniac☆ by Sanskriti Sharma

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  1. Thanks for your check-in. All the best in your investigation. Interesting times with the idea of Europe tugging at the seams (Catalonia, Scotland, UK, plus?).

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