All You Need Is Love

Rectification of my preceded post.

— already rectified again by Manja

(There’s something else — I missed out on my post: «Love is all we need.»)

And here is just another window to the world. Remember Donald Trump and his … keeps closing them. However — I will tell him at our next KKK—meeting in Washington.

Video: Flash Mob at the «Plaza Cumbres» (2015)
«All You Need Is Love»
Presented by «Orange Music».

Plaza Cumbres
Hacienda Peñuelas 6771
Col. Residencial Cumbres Las Palmas
64344 Monterrey, Nuevo León

Scan from Matrix Magazine – Vol. 9 – No. 3/4 – 1946

At first Ono allowed her third husband, John Lennon, to do what came naturally to him: to hunt for the lost daughter through private detectives and the courts. Only after John’s death, when Yoko Ono wrote an open letter to her grown daughter, saying how deeply she loved her but that «you should not feel guilty if you choose not to reach me» and that she would no longer try to locate Kyoko, did her daughter slowly come back into her life.

It’s paradoxical, but it seems that when you accept loss, it loses its tenacity to stay lost. Yoko Ono wived by letting husbands go; she mothered her daughter by letting her go. Lennon got the urge to roam, and she told him: «Go! Go roam!» And he did, and then he called and said he wanted to come home, and she said «No, you’re not ready. Ono believed in the right to drift. She didn’t want to hold down and lay claim on human beings any more than she did her art and ideas…»

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    • D.T. definitely is a triple K – apart from that: He is the “most powerful man in the world” – who closes windows.

      The Lovek did look nice for a mo – until I realised it was a typo. There you go.

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