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Between Revolution and the «Symphonie Of Triumph: A New Life» lies «Closing Time», an era of unknown length. Here... Read More →

We —

can’t quit … Matt Dillon as Henry Chinaski in «Factotum» (2005). … and most of us need the eggs:... Read More →

Great Again

Inspired by my typo this morning — I realised, that since the inauguration of that blackshirt — apart from... Read More →

VW (Prices To Pay)

TALKING ABOUT $$$$$$. (On rewatching «Born Into This» — a Bukowski documentary by Barbet Schroeder / 2003): «His Women... Read More →

In The Back Room

— POETRY & MUSIC FOR THE WEEKEND — Cover–music and featured picture by Ted Giffin: «Back Where I Belong»... Read More →

Do It

FOR ANNA, TED, TERENCE, RAN AND ALL THE OTHERS YOUNG AT HEART. your life is your life don’t let... Read More →

Final Score (1)

Daniel Kahn: «The Ruins Of Görlitzer Park» Not just around Berlin–Kreuzberg’s popular «Görlitzer Park» — eponymous with Daniel Kahn’s... Read More →

Seize The Day

— JUST ANOTHER LAWNMOWER STORY — Here cometh the final scene from: «The Boat That Rocked» — a 2009... Read More →

Molecule Feelings

Noch einmal zur Erinnerung für die deutschsprachigen / germanophonen Leser: Dieser weblog wird seit der Wiedereröffnung am 28.02.2017 nur... Read More →

Muir Woods

Thanks / and dedicated to Marcy Erb Just received this postcard / photo from Marcy — taken in the... Read More →

Light Light Light

«Ephemeral Rays» (Originally installed at Chatham Historic Dockyard) is the title of this light–woven installation by Charlotte Smith. And... Read More →


Beat Of The Day (Just Another Four Letter Word): Dust In The Wind: Asche zu Asche, Staub zu Staub.... Read More →

Opening (Relaunch)

This is the relaunch of the former «Beat Company». After consultations with my long– term following friends on both... Read More →