Death (1) — Visiting Bukowski

In the light of current events: — Three posts on one topic.
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Picture © Michael Montfort

[To Al Berlinsky] February 25, 1994

Hello Al —
Solitude gets sweeter and sweeter.
Once knew a guy who did time. They threw him in the hole.
When they asked him «Do you want to come out now?» he said «No.»
So they pulled him out anyhow.
They thought he was crazy.
He was one of the sanest men I ever met.
Yes, yes.

[Bukowski’s last letter.]

Video: How to get there.

Green Hills Memorial Park (near his home in San Pedro).
Phone: (310) 831-0311
27501 South Western Avenue,
Rancho Palos Verdes,
Los Angeles County,
California, 90275 USA
Plot Ocean View #875

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