Death (3) — Good Bye

In the light of current events: — Three posts on one topic.
Make heads or tails of this as you like.

From: «The Night I Was Going To Die» (First published in Sparrow No. 5, February, 1973)

the night I was going to die
I was sweating on the bed
and I could hear the crickets
and there was a cat fight outside
and I could feel my soul dropping down through the
and just before it hit the floor I jumped up
I was almost too weak to walk
but I walked around and turned on all the lights
and then I went back to bed
and dropped it down again and
I was up
turning on all the lights
I had a 7–year–old daughter
and I felt sure she wouldn’t want me dead
otherwise it wouldn’t have
but all that night
nobody phoned
nobody came by with a beer
my girlfriend didn’t phone
all I could hear were the crickets and it was
and I kept working at it
getting up and down
until the first of the sun came through the window
through the bushes
and then I got on the bed
and the soul stayed
inside at last and
I slept.
now people come by
beating on the doors and windows
the phone rings
the phone rings again and again
I get great letters in the mail
hate letters and love letters.
everything is the same again.

First published in «Invisible City Magazine» No. 1 (Feb. – 1971)

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