Final Score (1)

Daniel Kahn: «The Ruins Of Görlitzer Park»

Not just around Berlin–Kreuzberg’s popular «Görlitzer Park» — eponymous with Daniel Kahn’s song above (lyrics/Text: here) — week by week police uncovers unprecedented «hydroponic» laboratories of marijuana plants during raids on homes in this eastern part of the city. During my years in Sderot / Israel (during the first Intifada), it was clear already that weapons are drugs, too. At least for those of us, who believed in solving problems this way … — The friends and colleagues on this picture below — however — did not survive the (Photo–) Shooting for long.

Jerzy Kosiński born Józef Lewinkopf *June 14th 1933 in Łódź, Poland — wrote in 1965 the inspiring novel «Painted Bird». Despite repeated requests I am still unsure and distracted, what the novel’s title’s got to do with «Daniel Kahn And The Painted Bird». One thing yet is sure: Bukowski knew the works of Kosiński — and reflected them as for instance in his poem «Final Score» (first published in the X-RAY Magazine – № 5 – 1995):

at the track today
read where Kosinski
did in the bathtub
with a bag over his
bad health was
but loss of
stature and literary fame
are very unhealthy
to some.
plus New York
publisher’s parties,
power plays,
the hint that
he had outside
help writing
his books.
he had friends
at the New York
enemies at the
Village Voice.
not killed by the
he couldn’t live
with the
bag over his
in a bathtub
full of
what Hitler
couldn’t do,
he did to

The following videos are The final score of «The Big Lebowski»:
(Do the dew…)
(Original Version / English)
Final Score (2) in preparation
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