Flying Was Yesterday


«North by Northwest»

(…) our last hills are covered with rabbits
as in some dream justification of our
like headlights of flowers.
it’s like evil is perfect
perfect perfect —
like a parking ticket
bending like a camellia in a grave’s
as the dog sits down on the
blow up

From: «The Terror Of The Breath Upon The Hand» by Charles Bukowski
Written and published in 1965 (Magazine EPOS – Vol. 16 – No. 3)

Allen Ginsberg: «Father Death Blues»

«Hey Father Death, I’m flying home
Hey poor man, you’re all alone
Hey old daddy, I know where I’m going.»

My son has adapted a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 film «North by Northwest» (In Germany released under the title «Der unsichtbare Dritte»):

«North by Northwest» Recreation by Johannes Black

One of my favourites – what concerns this very scene – is the Cary Grant interpretation of Vincent Gallo – as seen in Emir Kusturica’s «Arizona Dream»:

Scene from «Arizona Dream»

The day–dreamer Axel works in New York for the Fisheries Agency. Someday his half–brother Paul appears, kidnaps him and brings him in his homeland Douglas / Arizona, where he is to play the best man for his uncle Leo. Leo is an old car dealer. He wants Axel to take over the store. In Axel’s first customer conversation, the stinking rich Grace shows up with her 40–year-old stepmother – Elaine. Axel falls in love with Elaine. Instead to return to New York, he starts working on a flying machine – to bring him and Elaine to Alaska.

«Arizona Dream» (1993) was the first American production by Emir Kusturica. With subtle wit Kusturica caricatures the myths of the American way of life.

— To The Victims Of Catalonia And Las Vegas
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  1. Arizona Dream is on my most loved films list. I loved it even before I saw it – Johnny Depp and the rest of the cast + Emir Kusturica + Iggy Pop on soundtrack were just too promising. I love mixes like that, east and west, outskirts and the middle.

    It was the only English-speaking film that I ever saw dubbed in German in the cinema. I hate dubbing. It was in Wien where my father worked for some 5+ years, there was no cinema showing it in original and I HAD to see it.

    I was sad to learn that the theme of the movie In the Death Car proved to be stolen from a French songwriter. I believe the court confirmed it. Goran Bregović is a thief and a Balkan boy. He just takes.

    Anyway, always great to see, thanks. And your son is very perceptive. 🙂

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