Light Light Light

Ephemeral Rays by © 2010 – 2013 Charlotte Smith

«Ephemeral Rays» (Originally installed at Chatham Historic Dockyard) is the title of this light–woven installation by Charlotte Smith. And – as many of Smith’s works are illuminating – this very one I was reminded of when receiving yet another one of those emails the other day – one of that kind that at first make you shiver but only seconds later burst out in laughter: You recognize a man’s face in the light, but his character in the dark: A helpful knowledge in the depths of the trash dump called internet.

«Light Light Light» – by Charles Bukowski – published in Merlin’s Magic Magazine, Vol. 2, № 5 – edited by Merlin F. Teed – Brooklyn, January 1961

take the spirit through a window off the coast
and give it to the rolling lights
as I lean across our seaside luncheon
to light your cigarette
and fall into your women’s net
like fourteen hundreds sardines
twisting and buried in sunlight.

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