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« … now
do it
do it
the gods are laughing

Final lines from: «Alone» by Charles Bukowski first published in the New York Quarterly Magazine № 52 – (1993)

Every day, we walk past lost things in the cityscape. They usually remain unaware, some end up in the lost and found office. Your lost lighter, a single glove or a subway ticket can be easily replaced, but the question is: What are these things doing now are they alone on the road?

Video: Yoonjin Lee

The artist Yoonjin Lee (Graphic Designer at the «School of Visual Arts» / New York) has given these little things now back their story with her «little lost project» and the attention they deserve back at their home: She collects objects all over NYC and then put them out again at the authentic location – in the hope that they will regain their owners and thus their dignity.

So: Are we at home where we are — and what is home … ?
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