Money Is No Longer Available

Bukowski managed. Both selection and indifference. Not the money, neither love or booze. But in the end of the day – he managed somehow. And there was no need for him to «come marching home» — as he never swapapped – except in his literary pursuits. Well – and every so often …

«Don’t Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anybody Else But Me»
By Charles Bukowski — written in 1982

In «Scree – № 22/23» [1983 – Scan of magazine appearance]
Posthumously collected in «Open All Night» 2000 by Black Sparrow Press.

«Pengar finns inte mer.»

(«Money is no longer available.»)
With Karin Wiberg, Clara Gustavsson & Niklas Rydén.
Music: «Don’t sit under the Apple Tree» by Sam H. Stept, 1939
Lyrics: Niklas Rydén, 2010

«Kabaret Kosmos», the 2014 production of the NewOperaCO / Copenhagen. Join an intergalactic journey and meet the original who left the earth to look for something more. Here is an extract from Act II of the cabaret that is both entertaining and serious from Atalante 19th December 2014. Filmed by Beata Rydén.

The NewOperaCO’s upcoming new production «Speak out!» which premieres on November 20th 2017 — will raise the big questions:

What is democracy? How is money created? How do you know something is true? Is there reasons to be afraid? Why does inequality increase in the world? How do you mitigate hatred? Where are the hopes for the future?

3 comments on “Money Is No Longer Available
  1. Let’s just say this poem made my month. Isn’t it just how it is? We manage.

    Also, yesterday I watched The Boat That Rocked (a.k.a. Pirate Radio) and I’m so glad I did. Such warmth I feel towards those times. I don’t think they will ever come back but something will have to.

    Thank you so much for the recommendation and this post.

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