Opening (Relaunch)

This is the relaunch of the former «Beat Company». After consultations with my long– term following friends on both sides of the great pond – I have now decided not only to concentrate on Charles («Hank») Bukowski – but also in consideration of my main audience – to save time by sticking to the english version of my posts only.

At the same time – and thus not leaving the Beat Company at all – I will take all my responsibilities to provide every time that is needed – to ensure relevant response to big contemporary crises: We are all blogging neighbours.

Obviously we will continue to face a host of daunting challenges including tackling stubbornly high antisemitism, Islamist–inspired violence and uniting a deeply divided Europe.

Thus – this is the place to be.


6 comments on “Opening (Relaunch)
  1. You know my view, I am absolutely delighted to see you back again Matt, and read all you have to teach us.
    “An old friend returns, and with him comes his knowledge, for those that want to know or even those that think they know it all, at last Matt is back”.

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