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«The Voice Of Peace»

Here cometh the final scene from: «The Boat That Rocked» — a 2009 British comedy film by Richard Curtis: Dedicated to Christopher Goodwin of Driffield / UK — The master of vinyl and yet one another surviving Beatnik — these days:

«The Boat That Rocked»

«The Boat That Rocked» (Titled «Pirate Radio» in North America — «Good Morning England» in France — and «Radio Rock Revolution» in Germany) is a 2009 British comedy film written and directed by Richard Curtis, set on a ship with the fictitious pirate radio station «Radio Rock» aboard — and its crew of eclectic disc jockeys, who broadcast rock and pop music to the United Kingdom from that ship anchored in the North Sea until ‹battleshipped› by the Brits — (The extracted scene above is giving an idea of the very ending …) determined to shut them down.

The film is set set in 1966 and features Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, and Kenneth Branagh.


But it wouldn’t be me if it were not to point out and reference to the «Voice Of Peace» and Abie Nathan — starting his activities during my years in Gaza while the first Intifada took shape and place – pretty close to «Sderot» and my nearby Kibbutz «Nir’Am» — where I used to live in those years. Listen live to their two channels here. Anybody interested in my NATO–wire scars that I came down with — may seek personal contact.

Charles Bukowski: «My Father And The Bum» — September 6th 1975

My father — just as Bukowski’s, who was a «bum» – if I may quote him so – died at what is my age now. And what remains to be answered now is: «Who’s next?» — Well folks — we seem to have to live with the old wisdom by Ovid: «Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero.» (‹Seize the day, trust as little as possible in tomorrow.›)

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  1. Wunderbar, ich habe beide Videos genossen! Den Soundtrack zu “The boat that rocked” habe ich mit meiner Tochter auf einer Motorradtour in Dauerschleife gehört.Sie war 16, ich 48 und es passte.

    • For further Information about motorcycle trips with pubescents and spiritual experiences I recomend the book “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintainence”

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