Some Kind Of Nut

Video: «When God created You lying in bed …»

Vincenzo Costantino ‹Cinaski› read «Yes Yes» – a poem by Charles Bukowski – during his performance «Tom waits versus Charles Bukowski» at Bar Bookstore ‹Knulp› in Trieste on May 26th 2017. Piano: Mell Morcone. Filmed and edited by Beppe Vergara.

«Some Kind Of Nut» by Charles Bukowski – written in 1989

the best Christmas I can remember
I was in a tiny room in
and I pulled down all the shades
and went to bed
and pulled up the

there was no telephone,
there were no Christmas cards.
there was no family.
there were no gifts

and I believe that I felt better
than anybody in that
and almost anybody
in any of the

and I celebrated New Year’s
Eve in the same

Have a great time where ever you are. ! חג שמח

Für die Sentimentalen unter euch – hier kommt Eure Zugabe:
For the sentimental amongst you here comes your encore:

Video by Soulful Road – Music by Cat Stevens («The Wind»)
3 comments on “Some Kind Of Nut
  1. Matt,
    I want to post on FB the Cat Stevens video. Dang, I can’t put Bukowski screaming on my public persona. It all goes together. But thanks, even the reading by Tom Waits.

  2. That was just so beautiful, and there are times, and have been this year when one just wants to pull those covers over and hope for, what? A place full of Peace and no pain perhaps.

    Matt its been wonderful having you back and all that you continue to teach us. Merry Christmas to you and yours, and may the New Year bring everything you hope for.

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