Summer Of Love

Love and Peace (I)

Scott McKenzie «Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair» …

«Get closer to your neighbour, it conserves body heat.»
«Rücke näher an Deinen Nachbarn, es spart Körperwärme.»

50 years summer of love: The summer of 1967, primarily was acted out in the Golden Gate Park / San Francisco, but actually originating earlier – in April of that year – when the words «Summer of Love» first appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle – carrying the term into the mainstream media in San Francisco and around the country. The SFC article focused on a press conference held by a group of young people calling themselves the «Council for the Summer of Love» to help plan for the thousands of young people that were arriving in San Francisco each day during the spring of 1967, a stream of people with their focus on creative expression.

Those so called Be-Ins – later misleadingly to be degraded in the public to parties centered around the consumption of drugs (Timothy Leary – present at the Park – founded his «League for Spritual Discovery» / LSD) – in fact were happenings, involving theatrical performances and music and sometimes took on the appearance of large dada–objects.

Report from the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco …

… the centre of the new hippie movement, given in a contemporary bus tour: «This is the new avant garde left bank area of San Francisco, which has evolved over the past number of years – the last 18 months have seen tremendous increase of so–called hippies who have invaded and live in this area. This is a protest against middle and upper class people of San Francisco, a belief of the people that we, the middle class have done a very poor job in running our government and our way of life.»

50 years later the bus tours you can book are conducted in VW–busses, painted in rainbow colours … (proving that money makes the world go round.)

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