The World’s Greatest Fucker

«Twisted Image» (No. 8 / January 29th 1987)

Ace: «What are you drinking at this moment?»

Buk: «Mirrassou 1984 Gamay Beaujolais.»

Ace: «You say ‹the madhouses, skidrows and graveyards are filled with the likes of me.› What do you think it was that saved you from that fate?»

Buk: «Well, I’ve made skidrow and the graveyard awaits. Staying out of the madhouse? Well, I suppose I never harmed anybody too badly, and the madness was released in the writing.»

And this is about the kind of attitude Bukowski lived – just as Manja annotated in her introducing statement to her «Mexi Movie»:

«I might be one of the few bloggers who don’t seem to be about community. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE to be read and viewed, and enjoy your comments and likes, and I reply too, but I don’t wish to conform in order to get noticed more or liked more.»

The words above are Charles Bukowski’s (here given the title: «The World’s Greatest Fucker») – in an excerpt of an interview with «Twisted Image» (No. 8 / January 29th 1987). Twisted Image was a cartoon strip and a zine by Ace Backwords in the 80s – until in 1994 Ace burned out and «embarked on a third dynamic career as a homeless street bum».

Backword’s comic strip, «Twisted Image», was first seen in his zine of the same name. Since then, the strip has appeared in hundreds of publications. In a style inspired by R. Crumb, it lampoons countercultural stereotypes and documents Backwords’ experienced as a homeless resident of San Francisco.

The very issue of «Twisted Image» featured here — contains a full page interview with Charles Bukowski («The World’s Greatest Fucker») – two photographs by Michael Montfort – plus the obligatory «Twisted Image Insert» («Berzerkeley Comix»). — Anybody interested in a copy give me a shout.

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