Windows (2) — If

Window in Ljubljana 2015 © Manja Maksimovič

Wir greifen eine alte Tradition aus der Zeit der «Beat Company» auf, eröffnen wieder die Kategorie «Windows» und beginnen gleichzeitig eine Kooperation mit der geschätzten Manja Maksimovič — geboren und aufgewachsen in Ljubljana / Slovenien (Partnerstadt meiner Heimatstadt Wiesbaden / Deutschland), die es heutzutage bevorzugt, «mean mental lasagna» in der Toskana zu kochen. Dies – als Versuch, italienische und / oder slovenische Fenster mit den Gedichten des deutsch–stämmigen Charles Bukowski zu verpartnern.

Und wir öffnen unser (zweites) Fenster (signiert vom Meister selbst) mit einem Gedicht aus dem Jahr 1989. dass unter anderem — und wieder einmal — aus unerfindlichen Gründen Anlass gab zu diskutieren, ob Bukowski ein Nazi war.

We grasp and lift an old tradition from the times of the «Beat Company», reopen the category «Windows» and at the same time start a cooperation with the highly appreciated Manja Maksimovič — born and raised in Ljubljana / Slovenia (twinned with my hometown of Wiesbaden / Germany) who these days prefers to cook «mean mental lasagna» in Tuscany. This – as an attempt, to twin italian and / or slovenian windows with the poetry of german–born Charles Bukowski.

And we open our (second) window (signed by the master himself) with a poem from 1989, that among others — and once again — for some unknown reasons given rise to discuss, whether Bukowski was a Nazi:

«If You Let Them Kill You, They Will» by Charles Bukowski
Published in 1989 by BSP («New Years Greeting 1989»)
Later collected in the book of poetry «Septuagenarian Stew»
Published in 1990 also by Black Sparrow Press.

Bukowski one night and after a severe discussion with his colleague Fletcher decided to leave his «bitch» — quit the job at the Central Post Office — got in his car and drove off …

(…) when I got to my apartment it was
early morning
close to
5 a.m.
I stripped down my shorts and
opened the pint of Scotch
took the first hit
straight (…)

3 comments on “Windows (2) — If
  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Matthias. This is the best use of my window, above his poem about being kind to oneself. Great to see!

    Also, I didn’t know Wiesbaden was twinned with my hometown. I have never been there.

    Looking forward to next windows.

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