Windows (4) — Hope

Hope is a tool
— not a feeling.

Ljubljana August 2015 © and as always courtesy of Manja Maksimovič

«Ann, I love you. I hope my car starts. I hope the sink isn’t plugged up. I’m glad I didn’t fuck a groupie. I’m glad I’m not very good at getting into bed with strange females. I’m glad I’m an idiot. I’m glad I don’t know anything. I’m glad I haven’t been murdered. When I look at my hands and they are still on my wrists, I think to myself, I am lucky.»

From: «Hot Water Music» (pg. 171) a collection of short stories by Charles Bukowski, published in 1983 by Black Sparrow Press. The collection deals largely with drinking, women, gambling, and writing.

Drawing by Bukowski accompanying his column «Notes Of A Dirty Old Man» in the «Los Angeles Free Press» from January 25th1974 — titled «Harry Ann Landers» (First Publication).

2 comments on “Windows (4) — Hope
  1. Hope is a tool indeed. Back from Barcelona? Was it inspiring? BTW, GD from the photo are Green Dragons, the local sports fan group. I used to be a member, somewhat. Chanting in a group is intoxicating.

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