Windows (6) Desire


«Der Himmel über Berlin» («Wings of Desire») / 1987

My first self–reliant job as a prop master – hell this is years back – was «A Streetcar Named Desire» (Teaser below) – a 1947 drama written by American playwright Tennessee Williams (It received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1948) — at the Hessian–State–Theater in Wiesbaden. My production designer being Bernhard Kleber (Vienna).

Mein erster selbständiger Job als Requisiteur – OMG das ist Jahre her – war «A Streetcar Named Desire» (Trailer weiter unten) – ein 1947 geschriebenes Stück des amerikanischen Dramatikers Tennessee Williams (1948 erhielt es den Pulitzer-Preis für Dramatik) – am Hessischen Staatstheater in Wiesbaden. Mein Bühnenbildner war Bernhard Kleber (Wien).

Desire in Završje (August 2015)

As always courtesy of © Manja MaksimovičHvala !

That was Desire: On– / Back– and Off–Stage …

As the times were in the 80’s / 90’s for theater people: Work and Private live cumulated in a paralleluniverse as we colleagues were working at times when others enjoyed our outputs: We shared flats, beds, men, women and time – closing time usually being round midnight – when just two or three Wiesbaden bars kept there doors open for us moths…

So war das in den 80er / 90er Jahren für Theaterleute: Arbeits– und Privatleben kumulierten in einem Paralleluniversum: Während wir Kollegen zu Zeiten arbeiteten, in denen andere unsere Ergebnisse genossen, teilten wir uns Wohnungen, Betten, Männer, Frauen und Zeit. Feierabend war gewöhnlich gegen Mitternacht – wenn nur noch zwei oder drei Wiesbadener Bars ihre Türen für uns Motten offen hielten …

«A Streetcar Named Desire» (1951)

But lest not forget the bridge to Bukowski, who ever since my teens propped myself:

The following is his beginning of: «The Playboy Of The Western World Leaves The Field To Those Who Desire It» (written in 1978 – and transcribed from the then unpublished carbon-copy: «Back to the Machinegun / Manuscripts Volume 3 / 1978–1980» – pg. 62 — later to be printed posthumously in 2014): Once more we are witnesses of Hank being explicitely not the often so called «Dirty Old Man»:

Charles Bukowski
5437 2/5 Carlton Way
Los Angeles, Calif. 90027

The playboy of the Western world
leaves the field
to those who desire it

experience teaches and experience wears

I am done with many women
it was a long seven years
it raped the soul and scraped the soul
but there was sometimes
what they call love

I pecked into lives like a
schoolboy outside a circus tent – hey
I sat in female bedrooms adding
manure to my ego

I am done with many women
one good women is enough


! חנוכה שמח

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  1. I saw this before – certainly I noticed my cat window and “hvala” – but only now gave it proper attention. Theatre man, then. 🙂

    Der Himmel ueber Berlin is one of my favourite films and I’ll never forget how I felt when I was watching it for the first time.

    Just recently I came across a comment about Bukowski that made me sad: a woman compiled a list of male authors she hates and next to his name said something about alcoholism not being the same as personality. Almost all men on her list are my favourite authors so there’s that. I wish to print this poem of his on toilet paper and send it to her. It’s beautiful.

    Wishing you happy holidays and hvala to you too!

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