Windows (7) — Berlin

Picture courtesy of © Rolf Fischer — Berlin Wedding

From: «The Madness Of The Windows» by Charles Bukowski written circa 1965 (Magazine «Wild Dog» № 13 / 1965)

empty rumbottles for flower
all the stones in the sun except the
stones in the

I have a misery
who looks like me
I have a misery monkey
in the sun and in the shade.

it is bad books read by bad people
made early bad by reading more of the
same — the essence is the presence —
it is windows slammed on fingers

it is plants on fire in April
it is motorcycle troops coming in with celluloid eyes
o take a silver city…


Der Himmel über Neukölln as opposed to Der Himmel über Berlin:

Thanks to Kafka On The Road.

Lou Reed / John Cale / Nico Berlin 1972

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