Windows (8) — Blood

— Dedicated to Sir Winston Churchill

Picture taken in Montalto di Castro in October 2017
by © and courtesy of Manja Maksimovič

Inspired by yesterdays ‹Song Of The Day› («Sounds And Books») we’re diving into the darkest recesses of our handbags. «Blood, Sweat and Tears» was coined by Sir Winston Churchill (Well, Theodore Roosevelt used the phrase 1897 slightly modified) in his inaugural speech as British Prime Minister in 1940 at the beginning of World War II. From the capitulation of France (1940) to the German attack on the Soviet Union (1941), Britain was Germany’s only remaining European war enemy. In 1963, an album by Johnny Cash bore the same title.

For understandable reasons I will explicitly not translate this post into the German language.

Lissie — «Blood and Muscle»

«Blood» by Charles Bukowski – written in 1975 (appeared posthumously in «Back to the Machinegun, Manuscripts Volume 2 – 1975–1977» published in 2014 by «Prague Collective»)

when I told my
sisters you had
written me a letter
and signed your name
with blood
they just cracked
up she said.

oh I said,
I’m glad they
liked it.

oh yes, she said,
now they want to read

Lesson learned: Make books not war !

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  1. Yeah! Good window, good music, good poem. I’m sure the Montalto di Castro municipality will be delighted that you link to them. 😀 Are you running out of my windows yet? Need new blood?

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