You Make The Bed You Lie In

Wie man sich bettet, so liegt man.

Linda and Charles Bukowski in June 1983 – Photograph by © Michael Montfort

Maybe the most important part of Bukowski’s writing is the reaction he arouses in readers. Everyone you talk to who has read Bukowski has a strong opinion – either for or against. Someone once said: «Bukowski has done more damage to Poetry than anyone since T.S. Eliot.» That is probably the finest one can compliment Bukowski on his work.

Vielleicht ist der gewichtigste Teil von Bukowski’s Werk die Reaktion, die er bei den Lesern auslöst. Jeder, der Bukowski gelesen hat, hat eine ausgeprägte Meinung – entweder für oder gegen Bukowski. Jemand hat einmal gesagt: «Bukowski hat der Poesie mehr Schaden zugefügt als irgend jemand seit T.S. Eliot.» Das ist wahrscheinlich das schönste Kompliment, das man Bukowski’s Arbeit machen kann.

Also – and ever so polarizing – just as the world around us – is the contrasty of «Barkowski» matching the fancy interior against its rundown outside. — Photographs courtesy of Ran Klarin (writer with the Los Angeles Free Press online) – we mentioned before:

Barkowski — 2819 Pico Blvd. — Santa Monica, CA 90405 — Phone: 310.998.0069

So — it is entirely up to us, how much inspiring contrast we let into the house …
Es liegt also ganz bei uns, wie viel inspirierenden Kontrast wir zulassen …

Kalle Kalkowski – «Frohlocken» (2011)
5 comments on “You Make The Bed You Lie In
  1. Bukowski runs roughshod over life. There is no restraint. He is like a bull on a flowerbed. What is left behind is not pretty but it shows the imprints of where he has been.
    He is not one for dainty words or deeds. He is the dirty reality, the seedy effluent.
    There is honesty.

  2. Everyone has their own views on Poetry but I don’t like it when some state regarding another Poets work that it “is rubbish” or worse. What pleasure someone gets from a poem is personal. Thanks Matt for this, I always enjoy your site.

    I wish you Matt and your Family, a very Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2018, take care. Love, Anna.

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